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Phone a friend

Diana will admit that, in amongst what count as her usual problems, briefly thinking she's Black Canary due to an interuniversal flu is --


It's not among the most terrible things that have happened this week. And in a way, it's kind of funny.

Which may be why she picks up the phone to give Dinah a call. Stories are better when they're shared, after all.
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Dinah by now is snickering down the phone at her end.

"Who were you, Diana?"
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Dinah has terrible taste in men. Everyone knows this.

Hey, so she's out of time sync with everyone else - she's been going for years.

"My my god, Diana. Me? It must have been terrible for you."
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"That's the thing about fishnets," Dinah says wisely. "Everyone looks good in them. And they hide the cellulite better than bare legs. Trust me."

Not that she or Diana really worry about that.
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"That's why you need to find yourself a good low-cost supplier," Dinah says wisely.

"It's also why Zee and I pool our resources and buy in bulk."
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"Little pieces of informatin that make it easier to pretend to be me," Dinah says.

"But isn't it crazy though, how much you don't need it? I remember getting whole new memories that weren't mine."
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Diana can't see, but Dinah's just waved a hand dismissively.

"Years ago. I've been going to the bar since I was a teenager."
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"Not too bad. The first time it happened I learned Northern Style Shaolin."

Of course, she expected it to cause flames to fly out of her fingers.

"And I was you, that one time."
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"you never asked!" Weakest excuse ever. "This was years ago, before I met you even. And then what was I going to say? 'Hey, I once hallucinated that Iwas you in a magic interdimensional bar'. That's just what you say on meeting Wonder Woman."
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"Well, I don't now," Dinah admits. "But I know you now."
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"Sorry, Diana," Dinah says, full of remorse. "I should be cowering in fear. Must have forgot."
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Dinah breathes in through her teeth. "It's never too late to learn, right?"
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"I just really really don't want to ask Babs."

And if you're listening in on this, Barbara, keep out.
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"I can wait," Dinah says with a grin. "We're not going anywhewre."

Unless Babs calls up with an urgent mission, and then Diana will just have to tagalong.

Anyway, it gives Dinah an hour to reflect on how awesome her life is when Wonder Woman is flying over for tech support.