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Name:Diana, Princess of Themyscira
Birthdate:Dec 4
Princess Diana of Themyscira.

Agent Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman.

Diana has many names, but at heart she's always been the same person. A warrior made of clay and blessed by gods and goddesses; a woman given strength, speed, wisdom, and martial prowess in order to serve as an ambassador to Man's World. A girl with a thousand mothers.

A woman with many enemies. But her heart -- and her head -- won't let her set aside her duty to protect the innocents of the world from those who would do them harm. Whether alone or with the Justice League, in full possession of her powers or without them, Diana will do what is necessary to keep the world on its axis.

After all, Superman and Batman can't be allowed to have all the fun, can they?

Note about canon puncture: Given that Wonder Woman is heavily marketed in the DC universe and Diana is a hugely public figure, I am not worried about canon puncture. Feel free to have people recognize her if it makes sense for their canon.

Diana is black-haired and blue-eyed, tall and with a strong, muscular build. As Wonder Woman she wears the quintessential red, white, and blue uniform. As Agent Diana Prince she wears a horrific white outfit of doom.

Diana has incredible strength, speed, the power of flight, animal empathy, the ability to deflect bullets and other weapons with her vambraces, occasionally golden armor, a sword and shield, and her Lasso of Truth. She also, at various times, possesses an invisible plane. It's great stealth tactics.

This Wonder Woman is post-Crisis, and will never be Silver or Gold Age.

Wonder Woman does not belong to me, and this journal is not associated with DC Comics or William Moulton Marston. She is intended solely for use in [info]milliways_bar, and no profit whatsoever is being made.
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